Thursday, June 24, 2010

Green find o' the week.

I bought this J Crew dress in "dusty sage" (a soft, greenish blue) for my cousin's wedding in a few weeks. I had a hard time not getting the very green one below, but I was thinking versatility and practicality. "Can I wear it three out of the four season?" is the new question to myself when buying clothes. It's either going to be one thrifty saver idea or a big fashion mistake. We'll see!

I love the dress' simplicity, airiness, and length. Wait, airiness. That makes it unwearable in the winter, right?! Should have gone green.


  1. Super Cute dress Stacy!!! It's perfect for a summer wedding. I love your whole "things that are green" idea! Guess what color my dress is?

  2. Something tells me it's pink :). But more importantly, what color are the shoes?