Thursday, June 3, 2010

More plants, less weeds

Mis suenos (dreams) did not come true. I do not have a weed-free garden. See photo below. Embarrassing. And, no, those aren't plants in the upper left-hand corner. My mom informed me they are extra large weeds. I was thinking they were spinach plants.

Weeds with a few plants mixed in.

Luckily, my sister just gave me some garden tools to help with the weed removal. The tools were given to her by someone special. Any guesses who? (If you can't read that logo is says Grand Casino Hinkley.)

The tools are compliments of grandma, and the many nickels she's donated to Grand Casino Hinkley. Conveniently, they fit with the green theme of the garden. (Otherwise I would not be using them).

Despite the weeds, plants are starting to sprout. It's exciting to see them growing.



The next photos will be more plants and less weeds.

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