Friday, October 1, 2010

chiles rellenos à la Tom

Chef Tom wooed the ladies of the house yesterday with his cooking abilities. Tommy, who at the age of 11 wanted nothing more to than to be a chef when he was older, jumped at chance the to help our host mom cook chiles rellenos for lunch. Our house mom is a wonderful cook and her chiles rellenos are a house favorite. I announced my dislike of cooking and took photos instead.

Mixing the batter in which the stuffed peppers are dipped -- eggs yolks, salt and flour.

Digging out the insides of the peppers.
Stuffing the peppers with meat and such.
Stuffed peppers waiting to be dipped.

Peppers frying.
The final product.
Tommy will be cooking chiles rellenos for everyone back in the States -- we'll see how well he was paying attention...and understanding his directions in Spanish!

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