Friday, October 8, 2010

a few photos of the fam

Tomorrow we leave Antigua to return to Minnesota. It's hard to believe it's that time already. Before we head on out, I wanted to write one last post from Guatemala about our host family.

We have been blessed here in Guatemala with an absolutely wonderful host family. Dad Hugo, mom Lourdes and sisters Daniela (10) and Ilse (7). We've spent a many night at the dinner table getting the girls in trouble by chatting with them -- and Tom endlessly teasing Ilse whose personality so resembles sister Sarah's -- when they should have been eating.

Tom instantaneously became a favorite of the girls and has been dubbed "pura tortilla" by Ilse for his white skin and his size. :) Such a kid at heart, Tom has been playing "escondido" (hide and seek) daily for the past few weeks. Where a man of his size is able to hide in our house I have no idea. Ilse has been hiding in the dryer for the past six rounds. And Tom pretends he has no idea where she is every time.

Our mom Lourdes is a fantastic cook and has so graciously put up with my vegetarianism for the past five weeks. And dad Hugo is one of the most sincere people I have met. He loves to learn and will chat about anything for hours and hours. It's been wonderful practice for both Tom and I.

We will miss them greatly and are already making plans to return for Daniela's quinceañera.

Our little sisters Daniela and Ilse.

Ilse, Daniela, mom Lourdes and I in the park.

Piggy back.

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